This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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URLs for opening forms and applications

If you do not use a Home Page form to display the entry points of your web applications, supply URLs for your users so that they can access applications and forms in a browser.

Names of applications, forms, and views referenced in URLs use the actual database name of the object instead of web aliases.

As a form is loaded in the browser, the system appends a hexidecimal cache ID to the URL, such as ?cacheID=acbec68. This number represents parameters such as the user name, locale, view, application, and workflow logging. The purpose of the cache ID is to make the URL unique in the browser cache and to make sure that the correct view is displayed.

Consider the following points when working with the URLs:

  • The mid tier also provides an Object List that displays a list of forms and applications available on the mid tier. This list appears if the system cannot determine which form to load because of an incorrect or incomplete URL, or if the application does not have a primary form. The Object List must be enabled in the General Settings window of the Mid Tier Configuration Tool. For more information, see Using the Object List.
  • You can add URLs to forms views, view fields, text trim fields, and web pages to provide users access to forms, web pages, HTML documents, and images. 
  • You can use the $HOMEURL$ keyword in workflow to reference the context path displayed in a browser. See Keywords.
  • (Internet Explorer) Enable the following setting if you want to use any special characters in the URL:
    1. Open Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > International*

    2. Select the following options:

      • Send UTF-8 query string for Intranet URLs

      • Send UTF-8 query string for non-Intranet URLs

Examples of the URL format

The following examples provide the URL formats to use for opening forms and applications in a browser. In the examples, arsys is used as the default context path.

  • To open a form, enter:

  • To open a specific view of a form, enter:


  • To open an application and display its primary form , enter:


  • To open any form in an application, enter:



If an IPv6 address is used for the mid tier server name, enter the URL for a form by enclosing the IPv6 address of the mid tier server in square brackets. Do not enclose the port number of the server within the brackets. For example:


For more information about IPv6 support for BMC Remedy AR System, see Support for IPv6.

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