This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Troubleshooting plug-in issues with Remedy Approval Server

You might notice that approvals are not processed because of a problem with the Remedy Action Request (AR) System Plug-in Server or with the Approval plug-in. See the guidelines described here to resolve plug-in issues with the Remedy Approval Server.


  • Approvals are not processed because of a problem with the Approval plug-in.
  • The Approval plug-in is run in the Main Java Plug-in Server, which does not start or which has a problem.
  • The Approval plug-in is run in its own Java Plug-in Server, which does not start or which has a problem.
  • You cannot load the Approval plug-in.


  • One or more users might experience the symptoms.
  • In a Server Group environment, the symptoms can affect one or more servers.


Perform the following steps to troubleshoot plug-in issues with approval server:

1.Verify the approval server plug-in configuration.

To verify the approval server plug-in configuration, see approval server plug-in configuration.


Check if the approval server plug-in has failed to load.

Failure is indicated by ARERR 8755. The following error message is displayed in the Filter log:
The specified plug-in does not exist.

If you see the ARERR 8755 error message, check whether the (Windows) armonitor.cfg file and the (Linux) armonitor.conf file include the correct entry for approval server plug-in.

For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\<Java_Home_Folder>\bin\java" -Xmx512m
-classpath "d:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\pluginsvr;
d:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\pluginsvr\arpluginsvr80_build001.jar;
d:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\approval\bin\armaskingImpl80_build001.jar;
d:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\arserver\api\lib\arcmnapp80_build001.jar"
com.bmc.arsys.pluginsvr.ARPluginServerMain -x iBMC-GXD3CQ1 -i
"d:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem" -m
3.Ensure that the definition files are updated.

Ensure that the definition files are updated when you upgrade from Remedy AR System 7.1 to a non-root location. To update the definition files, before upgrading, you must provide the write permission to the AR System installation folder.

4.Enable AR System server-side logs and approval server plug-in logs.
  1. To enable AR System server-side logs, see Enabling server-side AR System logs.
  2. Perform the following steps to enable logging for approval server plug-in:
    1. Log on to AR System as an administrator or a process administrator.
    2. Open the AP:Administration form by using the link on the default AR System Home Page form.
    3. To open the Server Setting form, click the Server Settings link.
    4. To enable the approval debug log, select the Approval Debug Mode check box.
      By default, error messages are logged in the <ARInstallationFolder>\ARSystem\db\arapprove.log file.

    5. To modify the log file name and path, in the Log File Name field, enter a file name.
      Error messages are logged in the file that you specify.

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