This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Starting Data Import and logging on to AR System servers

This section explains how to start and log in to Data Import. You can log in to a AR System server from any computer on the network that has access to the server.

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To start Data Import and log in to AR System servers

  1. Select Start > Programs > BMC Software > Data Import.
  2. In the User Name field, enter your user name.
  3. Enter the password of the AR System user.
  4. (Optional) If you are required to specify an authentication string or a preference server, click Options.
    1. (Optional) Enter an authentication string.
      Whether you need an authentication string depends on how your server validates users. For most situations, this field is not used. See Setting up an authentication alias.
      You can also configure an External Authentication (AREA) plug-in. See Configuring the AREA LDAP plug-in and AREA plug-in API functions.
    2. In the Preference Server field, type the name of your preference server.
      A preference server is the AR System server on which the AR System preference forms are installed. This server stores your administrator and user preferences in a central location where they can be accessed from any client computer. You define a server as a preference server during or after installation.
      If you always log in from the same computer, leave this field blank to store your preferences locally in the workspace directory.
      For more information, see Setting user preferences.
    3. If you use a preference server and it does not use the default TCP port or RPC port, enter the TCP and RPC port numbers.
  5. If you have already configured AR System servers to connect to, click Login (and skip the rest of this procedure).
  6. Click Edit Server List.
  7. In the Server List dialog box, click Add.
  8. Highlight Enter a server name in the Servers column, and type the server name.
    To prevent Data Import from connecting to a server, clear the server's check box.
  9. If the server does not use the default TCP port, click in the TCP column and type the port number.
  10. If the server does not use the default RCP port, click in the RCP column and type the port number.
  11. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for each server Data Import must connect to.
  12. Click OK.
  13. In the Login dialog box, click Login.

Changing the current login

To log in to a different server or as a different user, you must change your login.

To change the current login

  1. Select File > Relogin.
  2. In the Login dialog box, change the server list, user name, password, and other information as described in To start Data Import and log in to AR System servers.
  3. Click Login.
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