This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Setting up the AREA hub

The BMC Remedy AR System plug-in server supports only one AREA plug-in directly. You can, however, add a single AREA Hub plug-in to the plug-in server and then add multiple AREA plug-ins to the AREA Hub plug-in. Plug-ins you add to the AREA Hub are referred to as Hub-plug-ins. The AREA Hub propagates the calls it receives from the Hub-plug-ins to the Plug-in server.

The AREA Hub loads the Hub-plug-ins in the order in which they appear in the ar.cfg or ar.conf file. That is, the first entry the AREA Hub finds in the ar.cfg file is the first plug-in loaded, the second entry the second, and so on.


  • You do not need to configure the AREA Hub manually to use multiple AREA LDAP plug-ins. See Configuring the AREA LDAP plug-in.
  • The AREA hub works only with DLLs. Java plug-in server has an inbuilt capability to chain across multiple Java AREA plug-ins. So, you do not need AREA hub for Java. You can configure multiple AREA Java plug-ins in pluginsvr_config.xml

To set up the AREA hub plug-in

  1. Create the following entry for the AREA hub in the ar.cfg file:

    Plugin: areahub.dll


    Make sure this is the only entry for an AREA plug-in in your ar.cfg file.

  2. Create an entry for the first AREA plug-in as follows:

    AREA-Hub-Plugin: my_area_plug-in.dll 
  3. If necessary, create entries for subsequent AREA plug-ins as follows:

    AREA-Hub-Plugin: my_area_plug-in_1.dll 
    AREA-Hub-Plugin: my_area_plug-in_2.dll 
    AREA-Hub-Plugin: my_area_plug-in_3.dll 
  4. Restart the AR System plug-in server.


    For information about restarting the plug-in server, see Restarting the plug-in server using the Set Server Info command.

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