This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Setting up server statistics collection

This example shows how to create a server statistics flashboard for flashboard data such as the number of fixed licenses per minute or the number of Set Entry Calls per second.

The following definitions are used:

  • Cumulative statistic — A statistic that the BMC Remedy AR System server returns, which consists of the total number of data points from the time that the server started until the current time. For example, Set Entry Calls will display the total number of Set Entry Calls from the time the server started until the current time.
  • Noncumulative statistic — A statistic that displays data at the time of collection. For example, the Number of Fixed Licenses on the Server Statistics form displays the number of fixed licenses in use at the time the data is collected.

Each of the statistics found on the sample forms can be collected with the following example methods.


Setting up data collection at minute intervals could cause a large number of records to be saved to the FB:History form in a short time. If you want fewer records in the FB:History form, change the data collection interval to one hour or greater.

To set up server statistics collection

  1. Open BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. Import all of the following objects into your server from the flashboardsServerInstallDir\ServerStat.def file:
  3. In the AR System Administration: Server Information form for the server, click the Advanced tab.
  4. Select a Server Recording Mode:
    • Cumulative Queue
    • Cumulative and Individual Queue
  5. In the Recording Interval field, enter 60 (or select another time in seconds, depending on the type of statistics you will collect).
  6. Click OK.
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