This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Setting the component ranking order before deploying a binary payload

You can create a custom binary payload and deploy it across environments. Before you create and deploy a binary payload, you can rank the order in which the components are updated. If you choose not to set the component ranking, BMC Remedy AR System randomly selects the component on which the binary payload is deployed.

The File Deployer process automatically creates an entry for each of your AR System components in the  AR System Monitor form. Use the AR System Monitor form to set preferences by adding ranking for deployment between various available components.

Best practice

We recommend that you provide rank 1 for admin server, rank 2 for integration server, and last ranks for the user-facing servers. The higher the ranking, the higher is the preference given for deploying payloads on that server.

To set the ranking order for a component

  1. Open the AR System Monitor form.
  2. Click Search and select a component from available options. 
    When you select an option, the form is populated with details for the selected component.
  3. To set the rank, click  the increment or decrements buttons or enter a positive integer value (from 1 to 9999) 
  4. Select a Deployment Mode from the following options: 
    • Automatic (default)
    • Manual
  5. (Optional) If the Manual deployment mode is selected, click Deploy Now to start the payload deployment.
    Deploy Now instructs the AR System Server to start the deployment.
  6. Click Save.

Example: Setting the component ranking order

Consider you have seven components, such as four AR System Servers (ARSvr1, ARSvr2, ARSvr3, and ARSvr4), two mid tiers (MT1 and MT2) and one Smart IT server. You have set the following values in the Rank field of the AR System Monitor form:



MT1 21
Smart IT31

In this scenario, ARSvr3 with Rank 1 has the highest preference. It is updated first when you start the binary payload deployment. If you add a new component and do not explicitly set any value for it in the Rank field, it's rank is set in an ascending order. For example, if you add a new component after the Smart IT component (having the rank 31) and do not explicitly specify any rank for it, the new component is added with the rank 32.


If you have the same ranking or no ranking for multiple servers, the system selects any random server to deploy the payload.

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