This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Remedy Approval Server configuration file settings

The  AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form is the BMC Remedy AR System configuration form. It contains the AR System server configuration settings and is created when you install the AR System server.

In most cases, you do not need to enter the configuration settings manually. When you make a server configuration change in the Server Information dialog, or in the Server Settings window of the BMC Remedy Approval Server, BMC Remedy AR System enters the configuration parameters and their new values in the configuration file.

This section describes configuration file settings specific to BMC Remedy Approval Server. See Updating configuration settings by using the AR System Configuration Generic UI form.
BMC Remedy Approval Server configuration file settings

Configuration settingDescriptionHow to set it
Appr-Defn-Check-IntervalThe interval (in seconds) after which the approval server checks for changed or updated data in the data definition forms.AP:Admin-ServerSettings form

Full path of the approval server log file.

Note: By default, the arapprov.log file is displayed in the AR server in the AP:Admin-ServerSettings form. Select the Approval Debug Mode check box to enable logs. The log file is located in the AR server machine at <AR System Installation Directory>\Arserver\Db

AP:Admin-ServerSettings form
Approval-NotifySpecifies the approval notifications configured from the Server Settings dialog box. Each event ID has an Approval-Notify entry. Only change these settings from the Server Settings dialog box.AP:Admin-ServerSettings form
Approval-RPC-SocketA specific RPC program number (RPC socket) dedicated to the approval server for calls to the AR System server. This setting defines a private queue for the approval server.AP:Admin-ServerSettings form
ASJ-Thread-CountSpecifies the total number of worker threads that process various approval requests. ASJ-Thread-Count:numberOfWorkerThreadsEdit the AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form. 
Plugin-Loopback-RPC-SocketAn RPC program number (RPC socket) dedicated to loopback calls from the Plug-in server. The approval server runs as a plug-in. If this value is set and Approval-RPC-Socket is not set, the Plug-in server uses this queue for approval server loopback calls.AP:Admin-ServerSettings form or Server Information dialog box.

This setting causes the approval server to poll the AR System server for pending work. It is intended to operate as a backup method, not the primary contact method. Under normal circumstances, the AR System server contacts the approval server when work is pending. With this setting in place, the approval server polls the AR System server only if it does not receive any signal from the AR System server in the specified time. Specify the interval in seconds. The minimum is 30 seconds, and the maximum is 3600 seconds (one hour). For example: 

Edit the AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form. 

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