This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Providing a shortcut for specifying expanded FTS qualifications

To provide a shortcut method for specifying expanded FTS qualifications, add a form search field (a display-only field with field ID 178) to a form. Then, users can use that field to search all full text indexed fields on the form with an expanded OR search. For example, if the Description and Worklog fields on a form are indexed for FTS and the user performs a QBE search by supplying the search term firewall in a form search field, the qualification generated on the server is:

'Description' LIKE "firewall" OR 'Worklog' LIKE "firewall"

On a form where a single attachment field is the only field indexed for FTS, you can use this feature to provide a QBE search for the attachment field. Otherwise, only the advanced search bar method is available for searching attachments.


Use caution when labeling the form search field so that users do not get the impression that using this field searches all fields on the form. The feature searches only fields indexed for FTS.


This feature is available only from version 7.0.00 or later clients. For environments with pre-7.0.00 clients, hide this field for those clients by using client-side workflow when $VERSION$ < " 7" (the space in front of the 7 is intentional). If the field is visible and used in pre-7.0.00 clients, the qualification is not sent to the server (unbeknownst to users), potentially resulting in an unqualified query. Also, if users on a system without a full text search server license enter a qualification in the form search field, the AR System server returns an error.

BMC Remedy AR System does not support Full Text Search if you have read-only database. For more information on using read-only database, see Using read-only database.

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