This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Navigation fields

Horizontal and vertical navigation fields enable users to navigate to screens quickly and easily. A horizontal navigation field might enable users to move from application to application, and a vertical navigation field might give users access to common functions and application entry points within an application.

Horizontal and vertical navigation fields
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The screenshot above is a sample UI that demonstrates the horizontal and vertical navigation fields. 

The vertical navigation has the tabs <Help Desk->Problem->Asset, Change, Expense Report, Time Card, Human Resources>

The horizontal navigation has the menus < Your Open Items, All of Your Tickets, Your Group’s Open Tickets> 

Horizontal navigation fields can have only one level in their structure. Vertical navigation fields can have unlimited levels. But to keep the navigation of your application simple, limit the number of levels to three.

Navigation fields can act as anchors for other menu fields, and you can use multiple navigation fields with menus attached to them.

For more information, see To create a navigation field.

Remember these considerations when building workflow for navigation fields:

  • One navigation field cannot be shared across several forms. To overcome this limitation, create common workflow for the navigation fields on several forms.
  • You can show or hide individual navigation field items or the entire field.
  • You can enable and disable items on a navigation field.
  • You cannot set focus or change the label, color, or font of a navigation field.
  • You can set workflow to fire on a menu item when it is selected, but workflow cannot fire on menus.
  • You can change labels for horizontal and vertical navigation fields by using a change field active link.

For more information about navigation fields, see the following topics:

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