This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Making your application accessible - Section 508 compatibility

Section 508 is a federal law, in effect since June 2001, that requires federal buyers to purchase, use, and maintain applications that are accessible by people with disabilities. For information about requirements specific to web applications, see Pay special attention to these sections:

  • Section 1194.21 (paragraphs A-L) outlines the requirements for software applications and operating systems.
  • Section 1194.22 (paragraphs A-P) outlines the requirements for web applications.

While Section 508 is a federal law, many state and local governments are also requiring Section 508 compliance. Leaders in the software industry, such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, have embraced Section 508. Many companies require the software that they purchase to support Section 508.

An accessible application can be used by anyone, regardless of disability.

This section outlines the methods by which BMC Remedy AR System supports Section 508 accessibility requirements.

The following topics are provided:

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