This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Logging on to an AR System server using BMC Remedy Migrator

The first time you log on to an AR System server, BMC Remedy Migrator retrieves all object definitions from the associated server. This retrieval builds a cache on the client machine in the Migrator directory. The first retrieval can take some time, but makes it faster and easier to access those definitions in the future.


By default, caching is disabled. See Displaying objects in a server window for information about managing the cache process.

Logging on and opening a server window

BMC Remedy Migrator provides two methods by which you can log on. The following procedures outline each method. For information about setting login options, see Setting general options.

To log on to BMC Remedy Migrator

  1. Perform either of the following actions:
  • If you are not already logged in, select File > New Server Window to display the Login dialog box and open a new server window.
  • To log on to BMC Remedy Migrator without opening a server, select Tools > Login. For example, you must be logged in to BMC Remedy Migrator to refresh a previously saved differences report or to add licensed servers.


You must license the server that you want to log on. For information about adding a license, see Navigating the BMC Remedy Migrator interface.

  1. In the Login dialog box, enter your BMC Remedy AR System user name and password for that server, and click OK.
    By default, the BMC Remedy Migrator login window shows the User Name and Password fields only. By clicking the Options button, you can also display the Preference Server and Authentication fields.
    The first time you use BMC Remedy Migrator, both the User Name and Password fields are empty. The next time you log on, BMC Remedy Migrator remembers the last user name and tries that information first (unless it has been changed) when logging on to a server.
  2. (optional) To log on to a preference server, click the Options button to display the Preference Server field. Then, enter or select the preference server name.
  3. If required, type your authentication server in the Authentication text box.
  4. To add, modify, or delete an existing server or manage usage of a server, click the Accounts button.
    For information about the Accounts dialog box, see Working with BMC Remedy Migrator.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Select Server dialog box, select the server you want to use, and click OK.
    The server window appears, showing the BMC Remedy AR System objects residing on the server you logged in to. Then, the Retrieving Objects window appears and lists the objects that BMC Remedy Migrator is opening for the server.


    Depending on the number of objects the server has stored, opening a server can take some time while objects are being retrieved and cached. You can cancel the cache process by clicking the Cancel button in the Retrieving Objects window.

  7. (optional) To open another server window, repeat this procedure.
    By logging on to each server individually, you can specify a different user name and password for each server.
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