This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Generating a report based on the search results

When you run a search on an BMC Remedy AR System form or view a table in a browser, the Report button appears below the search results or in the table (assuming the form or table field is not configured to prevent this). The Report button allows you to generate a report based on the search results or table field contents. 

When you click Report, the following actions occur:

  • The Report Console opens, listing only those reports that are associated with the form you searched.
    You can also create a new report definition based on this search. In this case the report is automatically associated with the current form. If you select the Add default fields and sort order option, the results list fields are automatically included in the report.
  • The records that are selected in the search results at the time you click Report, along with the sort order, are passed to the Report Console as a predefined query.
    When you search a form, the first record in the search results is automatically selected. If you click Report without changing this selection, only the first record is included in the report. Use any of the following methods to select the records you want to include in the report:
    • Select All — Selects all entries in the table.
    • SHIFT-click — To select a range of entries, click an entry and hold down the SHIFT key. Click another entry above or below the original selection, and then release the SHIFT key.
    • CTRL-click — To report on multiple entries, click an entry and then hold down the CTRL key. Continue to click the entries you want to include in the report while holding down the CTRL key. When you have finished selecting table entries, release the CTRL key.
    • Deselect All — Clears all selections in the table.
      If no entries in the table are selected when you click Report, the report includes all the entries in the search results.

Using My Reports toolbar button

With the My Reports toolbar button, you can save the sequence that generates a report based on a search. Each named report in the My Reportslist is unique per server, per form, and per user. The My Reports feature is helpful if you frequently generate reports based on the same search, but do not want to create a report definition.

To save a report to the My Reports toolbar menu

  1. Run a search on a form.
    See Running and saving searches.
  2. Run a report based on the search results. 
  3. Close the report.
  4. In the browser window containing the search results, select My Reports > Save.
  5. Enter a name for the report, and click OK.

To run a saved report from the My Reports toolbar menu

  1. Open the form associated with the report that you saved.
  2. Select My Reports > Run > reportName.

To manage reports from the My Reports toolbar menu

  1. Open the form associated with the report that you saved.
  2. Select My Reports > Manage.
    The saved reports appear in a dialog box.
  3. Deletedisable, or enable reports as needed.
  4. Click Save.

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