This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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FTS index migration

AR System uses the Lucene 4.9 search engine for Full Text Search (FTS) and uses a schema-specific multi-file index format to optimize read/write operations, resulting in searches that are about three times faster and indexes that are about 40 percent smaller than the Lucene 2.9 index used in earlier releases.

FTS migration utility

The Full Text Search (FTS) index migration utility arftsutil migrates the 2.9 index to the 4.9 multi-file format. The arftsutil utility does two things:

  1. Updates Apache Lucene 2.9 indexes to 4.9
  2. Splits the index into multiple schema-specific files

The two versions of arftsutil are:

  • arftsutil.bat - For Windows servers
  • - For UNIX servers

The arftsutil utility is embedded in the AR System interactive GUI installer and runs automatically if a single-file Lucene 2.9 index is detected. If the GUI installer detects that a Lucene 4.9 index is present, it does not execute arftsutil again.

The AR System GUI installer has no option to override automatic migration but you can bypass the migration by running the installer in silent mode with the following option:


To manually migrate a 2.9-based index, run arftsutil from the command line.

  • Windows servers: 

    <C:\BMCRemedy\AR>arftsutil.bat -d "<COLLECTION DIR PATH>"  -c "<FTS CONFIGURATION DIR PATH>"
  • UNIX or Linux servers:



Schema-specific index files are stored in the Full-Text-Collection-Directory configuration parameter in the ar.cfg file, with a unique schemaId subdirectory for each schema index. For example, if the ar.cfg file specifies the collection directory as C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\ftsconfiguration\collection and the search user creates a schema named TestForm that has a schema ID of 1234, the index documents for this schema are created under C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\ftsconfiguration\collection\1234.

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