This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Form to rename an entry in approval process records

The AP:Admin-Rename form appears when a process administrator selects Rename in the navigation pane of the AP:Administration form.

Fields on the AP:Admin-Rename form



Select the type of object to be renamed

Select Process to rename a process, or Form to rename a form.

Select the form to be renamed /Select GUID of the process to be renamed

Select the process name from the menu. When BMC Remedy AR System supplies the GUID, select the supplied GUID.

Enter new process name /Enter new form name

Type the replacement name for the process or form. The name of a process can be as long as 80 bytes. This equates to 80 characters in English and most European languages, but only 40 characters in double-byte languages.

Scope of update

Select an option from the menu to determine which of the associated detail records are renamed.

  • All Requests renames all detail records for current and past approval requests associated with the form or process.
  • Only Active Requests renames detail records only for currently open approval requests associated with the form or process.

Including object itself

  • Select this check box to include the form or process you are renaming.
  • Deselect this check box if you have already renamed the form or process manually, and are now renaming the associated requests.


Complete the rename operation.


Close the form with no action performed.


If you renamed a process manually instead of using the AP:Admin-Rename form, the Rename command will not change names of attached rules. You must restore the process name manually and rename the entire process, or you can rename all the attached rules by using this form.

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