This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Form, active link guide, and application permissions

Permissions determine which access control groups can access forms, active link guides, or applications in the user client (browser). If a user does not have access to the object, it does not appear in the home page or in the object list for the user.

When creating a form, active link guide, or application, you must decide the permission for each group or role:

  • Visible—Members of the group or role can select and view the object in the user client.
  • Hidden—Members of the group or role can access the object through workflow or by entering the URL in a browser, but cannot select the form in the home page or in the object list.
  • None—Members of the group or role have no access to the object.

Giving the members of a group access to a form does not automatically give those users access to the fields in that form or to active links and active link guides that use that form. You must also assign group permissions to each field and related object.

If the form, active link guide, or application is configured to allow static permissions inheritance, granting permission to the form for a group also grants the same permission to any ancestors (parent groups at all levels) of that group. Similarly, when you map a role to a group, the role permissions for the application also apply to any ancestors of the mapped group.

To learn how to assign permissions to applications, forms, fields, active links, active link guides, and so on, see Assigning permissions.

The following figure lists the questions that you can ask to determine the access that users have to forms in BMC Remedy AR System. You can use this flowchart for guides and applications as well.


A user who has access to the form through a hierarchical group relationship is "in a group with permissions to the form". Also, web users can open Hidden forms with the correct URL, but the ability to use the form is controlled by field permissions.

Accessing forms, guides, and applications

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