This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Field types

The following table provides information about different field types. For more details, see Creating and managing fields.

Field type



Contains data values stored in database tables. You can set these characteristics of data fields:

  • Whether users can access the field and, if so, whether they can only view the field or also change its contents
  • The type of data that the field can contain (such as characters, integers, dates, or times)
  • The amount of information that the field can contain (field length)
  • Whether the field is visible or hidden
  • Whether the field is enabled or disabled
  • Whether the field is required, optional, or display-only (A display-only field is a temporary field for which no space is allocated in the database.)
  • Where the field appears on the form
  • How the field is displayed (for example, its label and physical appearance)
  • How information is entered into the field (for example, by typing or by selecting items from a list or a menu)
  • The field's default value
  • Whether fields are indexed for faster searches


Displays data from other requests in the context of the current request. Table field styles are list view, tree view, cell-based, results list, and alert list.


Attaches files to requests


Provides a browser window in a form. The browser can display any URL, HTML content, or file format (including contents of attachments) that is compatible with a browser.

Data visualization

Augments BMC Remedy AR System with HTML-based content such as web pages, flashboards, and other graphics that can interact with the field's parent form through workflow

Application list

Displays a list of entry points. An entry point is a link that users click to open forms on the correct server in the required mode (New or Search). BMC Remedy AR System automatically generates the contents of the application list. The entry points that a user sees in the list are only those to which the user has access. Any form that contains an application list field can be used as a home page . A home page is a single point of access into BMC Remedy AR System.

Horizontal and vertical navigation

Enables users to navigate to the correct screen in an application quickly and easily


Triggers active links. Control fields include buttons, menu items, and toolbar buttons.


Organizes other fields on forms into smaller containers that can be hidden when not needed. Panel fields can have various formats, such as tabbed, collapsible, splitter, and accordion.


Adds boxes, lines, and text to enhance the visual appearance of forms

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