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Exporting objects and data to XML format

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To prepare to import objects or data, you can export them to an XML file.

Exporting BMC Remedy AR System objects in XML

Choosing the AR System XML format (ARXML ) for exported objects produces an XML document that is comparable to the BMC Remedy AR System definition file format. It is designed to follow the syntax of the XML specification 1.0.

Specifically, every AR System object type has an associated structure definition in XML, which is specified by the XML Schema Definition (*.xsd ) file. The *.xsd files reside on the AR System server and are used to validate the AR System object definitions as valid XML.

Exported objects in XML format comprise an XML document, which might also be referred to as an instance of a particular XML schema definition for that object. If the XML schema definitions are loaded into an XML editor, someone who is knowledgeable about AR System objects and XML can edit the XML document.

The XML schema definitions are designed to be similar to the definitions in the *.def files. For more information about the XML Schema definitions of BMC Remedy AR System objects, see the data structure information in the C API Reference .

AR System XML definition files are used the same way as the classic .def (definition) files. When exporting objects in Developer Studio, you can choose AR XML Definition Files (*.xml ) in the Save as type field of the Export File dialog box. The Import File dialog box works in the same way, allowing you to bring in XML definitions to your BMC Remedy AR System server.

Exporting BMC Remedy AR System data in XML

To export in XML, create a report in BMC Remedy Mid Tier as you normally do. When you run the report or save it to a file, select ARXML as the file type. The data is now ready to be manipulated with your XML editor or imported into your XML-compatible applications.

To import XML data, run Data Import. Open your XML data file by selecting AR XML Files (*.xml ) in the Files of Type field. The other mapping and import steps are the same as previous versions of BMC Remedy AR System Import tool.

Using XML with the BMC Remedy AR System API

BMC Remedy AR System includes XML schema definitions and API calls that you can use to transform XML and AR System objects. The AR System API calls involving XML are divided into two categories:

  • ARGet calls, which transform XML objects into AR System structures.
  • ARSet calls, which transform AR System structures into XML objects.

These calls use the AR System API structures that are described in the ar.h file. For more information about the XML API calls, see the Developing an API program.

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