This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Enabling FTS high availability

In a server group environment, Full Text Search can be configured for high availability (HA) so that search requests are completed even when a server in the group becomes unavailable. By designating multiple servers as indexer servers, if one server goes down another server can process the queued search requests.

In FTS High Availability configuration,

  • Every server with valid BMC Remedy AR System Server Group Operation Ranking acts as an indexer server.
  • Each indexer has its own copy of indexes.
  • The searcher server sends the search requests to indexer servers.
  • In event of an indexer server failure or service interruption, a search request is routed to the highest ranking available indexer server to complete the search request.

Full Text Search High Availability example

You can install more than one FTS server in a server group. Each FTS server is defined in AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form acts as an indexing server and provides FTS search services to other servers in the server group. If the FTS Rank 1 server becomes unavailable, the FTS server that is ranked 2 contains the redundant FTS data and is used for the failover. So all the servers in the server group operate as an independent FTS server, providing high availability and service failover.   

For more information about how FTS high availability works in a server group environment, see High-availability architecture for FTS and Configuring full text search for a server group.

For more information about the BMC Remedy AR System Server Group Operation Ranking, see Setting failover rankings for servers and operations. 


To configure FTS high availability and failover, all FTS plug-ins must run on same port.

Video: Full Text Search High Availability for server groups

This brief video (4:10) explains FTS High Availability.


This video is recorded using the earlier version of BMC Remedy AR System and is valid for BMC Remedy AR System 9.1 and later versions.

Full Text Search High Availability for Server Groups Open link

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