This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Distributed return scenario

The following procedure configures the distributed mappings used by the Acme West and Acme East bug tracking forms so that requests transferred to the Acme East form with ownership are returned with ownership to the Acme West form after they are fixed. (To create the mapping, see To create distributed mappings for the Acme bug tracking forms.)

To perform a distributed return operation, you must have these items:

  • A distributed mapping plus a filter or escalation with a DSO Transfer action on the source server
  • A compatible or an identical distributed mapping plus a filter or escalation with a DSO Return action on the target server

For more information, see Distributed returns.

To configure a distributed return operation on the To server

  1. In Developer Studio, select File > New > Filter.
  2. Select the To (chicago) server, and click Finish.
  3. In the Associated Forms panel of the Filter editor, click Add, select the Acme East Bug Tracking form, and click OK.
  4. In the Execution Options panel, set the options shown in the following figure:

    Filter editor — Execution Options panel
  5. In the Run If Qualification panel, click the ellipsis button.
  6. In the Expression editor, enter the following qualification, and then click OK:

    'Status' = "Fixed"

    The qualification states that the filter action should be executed when the status for the bug is fixed.
    Thus, when the status of a request in the form associated with this filter (the Acme East Bug Tracking form) is changed to Fixed, the action associated with this filter is executed.

  7. Right-click the If Actions panel, and select Add Action > DSO.
  8. In the Type list in the DSO panel, select Return, then select File > Save.
  9. In the Save Filter As dialog box, enter a name for the filter, such as Acme E to W Bug Track, then click OK.

Test the distributed mapping

To test the mapping in this example, open the Acme East Bug Tracking form in a browser, and change the status to Fixed on requests transferred from the Acme West Bug Tracking form. The requests should be returned with ownership to the Acme West form.
You should be able to modify the returned requests on the sanfrancisco server. The corresponding requests on the chicago server become independent data-only copies (see Types of distributed transfers).

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