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Distributed operations scenarios


The Distributed Server Option (DSO) is available only for on-premises deployments.

This section contains information about:

Each of the topics in this section is a start-to-finish example of how basic distributed operations are implemented between two geographically distinct servers at Acme Industries.

Acme makes custom office furniture that is distributed to and returned from vendors such as office supply stores. Assume you are a manager with administrator privileges and a fixed license at the Acme plant in San Francisco, California. Acme recently opened another plant in Chicago, Illinois. Labor is divided between the plants as follows:


Manufactures and repairs

Request ID prefix

San Francisco

  • Prize Desks
  • Prize Printer Stands

AW (Acme West)


  • Choice Desk Chairs
  • Superior Side Chairs

AE (Acme East)

Information about Acme's vendors is stored in Acme's customer information forms. Products returned from vendors for various faults are entered into Acme's bug tracking forms. You must set up distributed operations between the bug tracking form on the sanfrancisco server and the bug tracking form on the chicago server. Both servers have DSO licenses.


All the examples in this section assume that you have created the Acme West Bug Tracking form on the sanfrancisco server and the Acme East Bug Tracking form on the chicago server.

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