This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Distributed deletes

A distributed delete deletes copies of a request.


If the master copy in an ownership chain is deleted, all copies of the request in the ownership chain are deleted. See Request ownership chains.

Additional delete capabilities enable you to delete specific requests, including data-only requests. You must specify a separate filter or escalation action to run the distributed delete process for each copy of the request.

For example, an employee submits a phone repair request on the sanfrancisco server. Because telecommunication services are handled by the chicago server, a Data + Ownership distributed transfer sends the request to the chicago server, creating an ownership chain between the sanfrancsico and chicago servers.

Later, the employee discovers that his phone is unplugged, not broken, and calls the support center to cancel the repair request. Instead of changing the status of the request to Completed, the support person changes the status to Canceled. This change triggers previously configured workflow to execute a distributed delete operation, which deletes the master request on the chicago server and the copy of the request on the sanfrancisco server.

For an example of how to set up a distributed delete, see Distributed delete scenario.

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