This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Developing an application

This section guides developers and application programmers through the process of developing or customizing a BMC Remedy AR System application, from navigating the BMC Remedy Developer Studio interface to moving the application to production and distributing the application.



Understand the AR System navigator, BMC Remedy Developer Studio perspectives, and how to work with existing objects or create new objects.

Create and define packing lists. Use version control and understand the development modes.

Setting up the development environment

Learn how to define a local and deployable application.

Defining and managing an application

Use BMC Remedy AR System objects to develop an application, including forms, panels, tables, images, menus, and fields. Learn how to choose the types of fields. Understand how to embed web content through Data Visualization fields and add graphics to the application with flashboards.

Use access control for a deployable application. Learn how to grant permissions to the application and their objects.

Securing your application

Configure workflow forms and build qualifications and expressions.

Defining workflow to automate processes

Learn about the mid tier application development guidelines.

Mid tier application development guidelines

Understand how administrators connect a BMC Remedy AR System application to BMC Remedy Approval Server

Adding approvals to an application

Learn some guidelines to enhance performance of applications

Building performance into applications and workflow

Understand how to customize the application using overlays and custom objects. Customize the interface, the home page, and entry points.

Localize an application.

Localizing an application to other languages

Learn the methods by which BMC Remedy AR System supports Section 508 accessibility requirements.

Making your application accessible (Section 508 compatibility)

Learn how to test and debug an application. Make adjustments to the UI, workflow, and server environment to maximize performance.

Testing and debugging a BMC Remedy AR System application

Move the application to production and distribute the application. Learn how to use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to export the application, install it on the production server, and add license users.

Learn to publish a web service to make BMC Remedy AR System functionality available over the web by creating a web service object, associated forms, and optional workflow.

Publishing the BMC Remedy AR System functionality as a web service

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