This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Database requirements for view forms

Before creating a view form, identify the database table to use and verify that the following requirements are met:

  • The database table must reside on, or be accessible to, the database that AR System is using.
  • The ARAdmin user must have read and write access privileges on the database table.
  • The database table must have a column (field) that enforces non-null and unique values. This column acts as the Request ID. If the administrator chooses a column that is not unique or that allows nulls, data corruption might occur. The Request ID field must be an integer or character field with 6-15 characters. Otherwise, the Key Field list is empty, and you cannot create the view form. If the administrator chooses a character column for the Request ID, then the field length must be the same as the column length.
  • You can use a view form to access BLOBs on a remote database, but not CLOBs.
  • Long columns (that is, text or clob ) must allow null values.

There are additional configuration requirements if the table to be used with the view form is on a remote database. See Setting up a remote database for view forms.

AR System requirements for view forms

A view form can be manipulated as a regular form type with these exceptions:

  • You can add only Required and Optional fields that correspond to actual columns in the data source. You can add a Display Only field only when the column name does not correspond to a column in the data source.
  • After you attach an AR System field to a column in the database table, you cannot reattach the field to a different column, but you can change other field properties.
  • Status history, diary, currency, and attachment fields are not supported on view forms.
  • You cannot change the type of a text field or change the length of any field after initial creation.
  • BCE dates are not supported in date fields in a view form.
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