This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Creating and modifying view forms

Use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to create and modify view forms.

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The following procedure explains how to create a view form to connect to a database table.

To create a view form

  1. If the database is remote, set it up as described in Setting up a remote database for view forms.
  2. In Developer Studio, choose File > New > View Form.
  3. In the New View Form wizard, select the server on which you want to create the view form, and click Next.
  4. Enter the name of an existing database table to be associated with the view form (see the following figure).
    The formats for table names are as follows. Where two formats are given, the first is for a table in the local database and the second for a table in a remote database:
      Oracle defaults to all capital letters for data in its system tables. If the table name uses lower case, make sure that the capitalization for the name is entered correctly.

  5. Click Load.
    The Available Columns list box is populated with the database column names and default AR System field type mappings for the supported data types.

    New View Form wizard, View Form Properties page
  6. In the Key Field list box, choose a column to designate as the key field.
    You must choose either a character column or an integer column. 

  7. In the Available Columns list, select the columns to appear on the AR System form, and use the arrow buttons to move them to the Selected Columns list.
    This method maps the default AR System field type to the database data type. To use a different AR System field type for a database column, do not select the column from the list as described in this step. Instead, follow the steps in Mapping an alternative AR System field type below.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Use Developer Studio to make any additional changes to the new form, and then click File > Save.

Mapping an alternative AR System field type

If necessary, you can map an AR System field type that is different than the default type to a column in the external database.

To map an alternate field type to a database column in a view form

  1. Create the view form as described in To create a view form, but in step 7, do not select the column to which you want to map an alternate field type.
  2. After saving the form, add a field of the appropriate type to the form.
  3. In the field properties tab, expand the View Information properties.
  4. Click the Columnproperty and type the database column name.


    Do not create a form with multiple fields referring to a single column. Such a form will produce adverse results and may generate SQL errors.

Modifying view forms

Use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to modify and delete fields from view forms.

To add a new field to a view form using the default field type

  1. Choose Form > Add Fields From externalDBName from the menu.
  2. Select the field to add from the Add Field dialog box, and click OK.

To delete a field from a view form

  1. Click the field and choose Edit > Delete.
    Deleted fields return to the Available Columns list box. This action does not remove the column from the database table.
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