This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Creating and managing groups

Access control groups are collections of BMC Remedy AR System users. A user gains access to an object, a field, or a request if a group the user is in has access, or a role mapped to such a group has access. Notifications also can use groups. For example, you can designate an entire group to be notified in a filter action.

BMC Remedy AR System includes a Public group and eight other special groups that are essential for access control within the system. You can define additional groups based on a common profile and assign access accordingly. For example, you might create a Sales group and allow members to view the status of a request but not to change it. A group can also be a general category, such as Browsers. For information about adding groups, see Creating groups.

BMC Remedy AR System provides two types of groups:

  • Explicit groups — Groups to which you must manually assign users in the User form. When a user becomes a member of a group, the user is given access to all objects and fields to which the group is granted access. Explicit groups that you create are defined for a particular server. If you move the objects to a new server with its own defined explicit groups, you might need to resolve permission conflicts. Consider using a deployable application, which uses role permissions that can be mapped to different groups on different servers.

    For more information, see Creating groups and Adding and modifying user information 
  • Implicit groups — Groups that depend on specific user circumstances and situations. Users belong to these groups based on specific conditions, such as the contents of special fields within each request. You do not directly assign users to implicit groups. Any dynamic groups that you create are also implicit groups.

    For more information, see Dynamic group access.
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