This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Creating a process

This section contains information about:

To create a new process, click Create on the Process tab of the AP:Administration form. This opens the AP:Process Definition form in New mode.

For more information, see AP-Process Definition form.

AP:Process Definition contains the following tabs:

  • Basic — Use this tab to define basic information about the process, including the process name and type, the associated form, and approval success criteria.
  • Configuration — Use this tab to specify:
    • Process intervals to calculate the Action Date for a request
    • Menus to generate lists of users that appear when creating a More Information request (by adding a question or comment), reassigning a request, and assigning a request to an ad hoc approver
    • The mandate for rejection justification and the application form's field on which to push an approver's input
  • Signature Escalations (Normal, Urgent, and Low)--Use these tabs to schedule notifications and automatic actions for pending requests.
  • More Info Escalations — Use this tab to schedule notifications for requests in the More Information state.
  • Administrative Info — The fields on this tab contain the change history and help text (if any) for the process. Use the Help Text field to document the process.

In most cases, you need only one process for your approval request, but it is possible to create multiple processes. For an example of an application that uses three separate approval processes, see the Sample Lunch Scheduler form that is described in Sample process descriptions.


Before you can create a process, the approval request form that you link your process to must exist on the AR System server, and must appear in the list of forms on the Form tab of AP:Administration. To link the approval request form for your application to the approval server, see Adding the approval request form to the approval server.

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