This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring java plug-in servers

Use the Server Group Configuration screen to set the Java plug-in server configurations at global level.This screen provides a single location to manage configuration settings across the server group.

Access the Server Group Configuration screen from the location below:

  1. In a browser, enter the following URL address:
  2. Log in.
  3. Select Remedy Management Console > AR System Server Group Console> Server Group Configuration.

For more information about setting global and local level configurations, see Managing AR Server Group components by setting global-level and local-level configurations.

Best Practice

We recommend that you use the Remedy Management Console to manage the Java plug-in server configurations.
You can also use the AR System Administration:Plugin Server Config form to view the information about the Java plug-in servers. As an administrator, you can access this form from the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console. Any configurations you set on this form are local level configurations.


The AR System Administration:Plugin Server Config Form is for Java plug-in servers only. You cannot use this form to configure native plug-in servers.

The following table lists the common fields on the AR System Administration:Plugin Server Config Form:

Field nameDescriptionReference
Plugin Server Instance

Select a plug-in server instance from the list of available plug-in server instances.

Plugin Server Instance Path

Enter the path where the selected plug-in server instance is running.


Plugin Set

Select a plug-in set from the list.

This property enables you to load multiple plug-ins that share a common parent class loader.

Note: The Plugin Set Configuration tab is visible only if you select a value for this field.

Creating Java plug-in sets
Plugin Server Host

Enter the host name of the computer where the selected plug-in server instance is running.


The following table lists the tabs in the AR System Administration:Plugin Server Config Form. The information provided in each tab is described in the sections that follow.

Plugin Server Configuration

Enables you to create and configure the plug-in server settings

Note: These settings override the settings defined in the Global Plugin Server Configurations tab.

Setting plugin server configuration options
Plugin Configuration

Enables you to view, create, modify, and delete plug-ins and their configurations

Working with Java plug-ins
Plugin Set Configuration

Enables you to view, create, modify, and delete plug-in sets and their configurations

Note: This tab is visible only after you add a plug-in set.

Working with Java plug-in sets


If you modify the Java plug-in server configuration data, you must restart the Java plug-in server for the changes to take effect.

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