This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring after installation


After installation, BMC Remedy AR System administrators and security administrators should review and perform the procedures in this section to secure the system and configure the AR System server and related components. After performing the initial configuration, see the Administering section for additional configuration and administrative tasks, such as setting up user accounts.



Logging on to various BMC Remedy AR System components

Logging on to the system

Managing BMC Remedy AR System licenses

Working with BMC Remedy AR System licenses

Configuring servers to work with BMC Remedy AR System

Configuring AR System servers

Setting up a server group to provide fail-over protection

Configuring server groups

Configuring the BMC Remedy AR System cache

BMC Remedy AR System cache management

Presenting application data and interacting with the user by using the BMC Remedy Mid Tier

BMC Remedy Mid Tier configuration

Using a hardware load balancer to improve the scalability and availability of the BMC Remedy AR System

Configuring a hardware load balancer with BMC Remedy AR System

Configuring Unicode database support to enable multiple languages on a single AR System server

Configuring a Unicode server

Configuring BMC Remedy AR System reports for the end users

Configuring Remedy Smart Reporting installed in a distributed environment Open link

Configuring the Assignment Engine properties and starting and stopping the engine

Configuring the Assignment Engine server settings

Configuring and managing process administrator capabilities, configuring Approval Server to work with flowcharts, and with a separate plug-in server instance

Configuring the BMC Remedy Approval Server

Creating and configuring BMC Remedy Email Engine mailboxes and setting security options

Configuring BMC Remedy Email Engine

Manually changing the default behavior of flashboards by changing settings in the file, and configuring flashboards

Configuring BMC Remedy Flashboards

Licensing and logging on to BMC Remedy Migrator

Configuring BMC Remedy Migrator

Securing various aspects of BMC Remedy AR System

Securing BMC Remedy AR System

Learn about the storage and performance impacts of using Oracle character large object (CLOB) storage in a database table

Using Oracle CLOBs with BMC Remedy AR System

Enabling and configuring AR System plug-insEnabling plug-ins

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