This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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Configuring a load balancer with a firewall and multiple AR System servers

Make sure that you complete certain configuration steps before you review the example. To know the configuration steps, see Load balancer configuration examples.

In this example, client requests pass through a firewall and into the load balancer. The load balancer directs traffic to three BMC Remedy AR System servers. The three servers share a single database.

In the following figure, the uppermost server has the primary ranking for the administration operation, but the bottommost server has the primary ranking for the escalation operation. As mentioned earlier, the administrative server can be a computer other than the escalation server. 

Load-balancer configuration with a firewall and AR System servers 

In the following figure, AR System server client traffic comes into the firewall on TCP port 3030 and is directed to the load balancer. The load balancer routes this traffic to one of the BMC Remedy AR System servers listening on port 2020. As shown in the diagram, the port number for the virtual address can be different from the port numbers for the real BMC Remedy AR System servers.

Load-balancer configuration with a firewall, a virtual AR System server, and real AR System servers 

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