This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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BMC Remedy Deployment Application roles and permissions

In BMC Remedy Deployment Application, you can define role-based access to enable users to perform different operations based on their need. This access enables users who are not administrators to perform operations such as creating, viewing, copying, and deploying packages.

Roles and permissions for using BMC Remedy Deployment Application

BMC Remedy Deployment Application permission model defines the roles and permissions for users and enables secured access and controlled functionality. The following diagram depicts the permission model:

Refer to the table for the details of roles and permission: 

RoleManage packagePackage operationTransfer package

Package Creator



Can delete package if Status = Ready for Export, Draft


Package Deployer



Can delete package if Status = Ready to Deploy, Ready to Export, Rollback, Rollback error, and Deploy error



  • Only an Administrator or a Package Creator with AR System Administrator permission can create a package with AR, CMDB, and Smart IT objects.
  • Only an Administrator can create and deploy a binary payload.
  • With the appropriate application permission, a Package Creator can create a package using an Application Object. For example, to create a package using the Incident template, a Package Creator must have Incident Configuration permissions. For more information, see  Remedy IT Service Management online documentation Open link .
  • Package Creator, without AR System Administration permission, can create a package using ITSM objects such as SRMAdd Data, and Application Objects.
  • A Package Deployer and Package Creator can edit only the Notification Email field on the Application Configuration form.

Refer to the following table to understand details about roles:

Package CreatorA Package Creator is a developer responsible for creating a package; see Permissions for Package Creator.
Package DeployerA Package Deployer is responsible for deploying a package to the target system; see Permissions for Package Deployer.

Assigning roles

You can assing the permissions by using the User form. Ensure that you have groups and roles created before you assign the permissions. For more information about creating and mapping roles, see Creating and mapping roles.

For information about creating permissions on the People form, see  Adding people information Open link  in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management online documentation.

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