This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

BMC Remedy AR System API library functions

The BMC Remedy AR System C API and Java API are shipped on the product distribution media as installation options. There is no additional license fee or charge for using the APIs to develop custom client applications, nor is there a license fee or charge for redistributing or selling such custom clients.

The BMC Remedy AR System components were built with these APIs. Therefore, any functionality available with these clients can be replicated in another client program.

The functions provided in the API libraries give the programmer control over all the following BMC Remedy AR System components:

  • Requests — Records in the database. Analogous to a row in a database table. Also known as entries.
  • Forms — Objects used to query, modify, and submit records. Also known as schemas.
  • Views — Various form (schema) layouts. Also known as VUIs.
  • Fields — Objects in which data is entered on a form. Also used to enhance the appearance of a form. Analogous to a column in a database table.
  • Menus — Objects that can be attached to one or more fields often used to improve ease-of-use when selecting a value for a field.
  • Filters — Server-side, action-based workflow rules.
  • Escalations — Server-side, time-based workflow rules.
  • Active links — Client-side, action-based, and time-based workflow rules.
  • Containers — Generic lists of references that are used to define guides and applications.
  • Support files — Files that clients can retrieve. Commonly used for reports but can be any file on the server.

The API functions allow five actions to be performed on these objects:

  • Create — Create an instance of the object.
  • Delete — Delete an existing instance of the object.
  • Get — Get details about an existing instance of the object.
  • Set — Set (update) an existing instance of the object.
  • GetList — Search and get a list of matching instances of the object.

Additional functions are available for Data Import, Data Export, User Administration, and Connection Control. API functions that deal exclusively with Alert Notification are also available that are mainly used by the legacy BMC Remedy Alert tool, which is no longer shipped with BMC Remedy AR System.

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