This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

BMC Remedy Approval Server debug log

When you select the Approval Debug Mode check box, a log of approval activity is generated. The log is a text file, and is stored in the location you specify in the AP:Admin-ServerSettings form.

After the log is activated, logging starts immediately. The log file is emptied and restarted when you restart Remedy Approval Server or when you reactivate logging after it has been deactivated. Because logging can generate large files, you should plan to use the log for specific purposes, or regularly save and delete your log files.

For information about the logging levels, see Logging levels.

The following output is a sample of the approval information stored in the log file.

<APPR> [Thu May 19 13:55:14.465] [Main] INFO  - Approval Server Trace Log -- ON
<APPR> [Thu May 19 13:55:14.465] [Main] INFO  - AR System Approval Server  8.1
<APPR> [Thu May 19 13:55:14.621] [Cache] DEBUG - Loading approval processes from the Process Definition form
<APPR> [Thu May 19 13:55:14.637] [Cache] DEBUG - Successfully loaded  20  Approval processes
<APPR> [Thu May 19 13:55:14.793] [Cache] DEBUG - Loading approval rules from the Rule Definition form
<APPR> [Thu May 19 13:55:14.793] [Cache] DEBUG - Successfully loaded  112  Approval rules
<APPR> [Thu May 19 13:55:14.840] [Thread 1] INFO  - Approval Engine is working with Thread 1
<APPR> [Thu May 19 13:55:14.840] [Thread 2] INFO  - Approval Engine is working with Thread 2
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