This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Assignment Engine logs

If you are running BMC Remedy AR System applications (such as ITSM or CSS or any application that uses the Assignment Engine component), when the BMC Remedy AR System server is restarted, the server searches for specific tags in the Application Configuration forms. Consequently, you might see warnings in the ARerror.log file. For example:

Sun Mar 12 13:03:45 2006  AssignEng : No schema was found for tag (ARAPPWARN 4831)
Sun Mar 12 13:03:45 2006     SHR Tag: ApplicationProperties;

These warnings are normal and always occur when you restart the server. You can ignore them.

Assignment log files can help you identify functionality issues that might be encountered because the rules are not set up correctly or the processes are not configured correctly. 

To enable the Assignment Engine logs and set the logging settings in AR System Assignment Engine:Server Settings form.

For information about enabling Assignment Engine logs, see Configuring the Assignment Engine server settings.

If you call BMC Support, have a copy of this log available for faster resolution. (Logging is set to OFF by default.)

Location of Assignment Engine log files

Two copies of the installation log files are saved in the ARSystemServerInstallDir/Logs/ folder:

  • Plain-text format – Assignment-RIK_PostInstall.log
  • HTML  Assignment-RIK_PostInstall.html

ARSystemServerInstallDir is the directory where the BMC Remedy AR System server executable is installed, such as C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AR System (Windows) or /opt/bmc/ARSystem (UNIX).

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