This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Application list fields

Application list fields display a list of entry points. BMC Remedy AR System server automatically generates the contents of the list, which contains the available applications, forms, and entry point guides on the current server.

Any form that contains an application list field can be used as a home page (see the following figure). A form can have only one application list field.

Application list field in sample home page
(Click the image to expand it.)

For more information, see Creating and managing fields

Displaying a subset of a server's applications and entry points

To display only a subset of a server's applications and entry points in an application list field, you can create sophisticated workflow by using the reserved character field ID 1576 that lets users see only a subset of entry points. Use a Run Process command (PERFORM-ACTION-HOME-FIELD-REFRESH) to display dynamically a subset of servers and applications.

Creating application list fields

Use this procedure to create an application list field.

To create an application list field

  1. Open the appropriate form.
  2. Right-click the form, and select Create a New Field > Application List.
    The new application list field appears on the form.
  3. Select the field.
  4. In the Properties tab, set the field properties as needed.
    See Field Properties.
  5. Select the field, drag it to a position in the form, and adjust its size.
    See Arranging fields in a form view.
  6. Right-click the form, and select Save.
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