This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.


BMC Remedy AR System administrators and security administrators use the information in this section to set up user accounts and to manage and maintain the system after it is installed and configured. For information about additional initial configuration, see Configuring after installation.



Configuring servers and applications in the console interface

Navigating the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console

Setting options in configuration files that are read upon startup of BMC Remedy AR System components

BMC Remedy AR System configuration files

Understanding processes or utilities and how to set options for BMC Remedy AR System components and external utilities

AR System server components and external utilities

Managing passwords, access control, and other security matters

Security administration

Setting options for user and administration preferences in the BMC Remedy AR System User Preference form or the BMC Remedy Mid Tier

Setting user preferences

Managing time periods to define business schedules by using BMC Remedy AR System commands

Defining business schedules using Business Time

Configuring the server to allow workflow to notify users

Enabling alert notifications

Automatically specifying the person responsible for handling a request

Assigning requests with the Assignment Engine

Allowing search within attached documents and increasing search speed in long text fields

Enabling and disabling full text search

Configuring the appearance, functionality, and processing of your email

Enabling users to interact with Remedy AR System through email

Managing processes and rules for approval requests

Setting up the approval process

Transferring and managing requests between multiple servers in various distribution environments

Setting up DSO to synchronize data across multiple AR System servers

Managing the capture of server-related activities, and notifying other servers or clients of these changes

Capturing server events for workflow or API calls

Auditing, archiving, importing, and exporting data, including other BMC Remedy AR System database matters

Managing data

Automatically transferring objects and data between AR System servers with workflows

Migrating applications and data between AR System servers

Configuring Twitter, RSS feeds, and chat for end users and receiving BMC Remedy ITSM Suite Twitter alerts

Enabling social collaboration in BMC Remedy AR System

Creating and deploying a packageCreating and deploying a package using BMC Remedy Deployment Application
Creating and deploying a binary payloadCreating and deploying a binary payload
Set global level and local level variables for the components in the Centralized ConfigurationManaging AR Server Group components by setting global-level and local-level configurations
View, apply, and, modify settings on individual servers or on all the servers in a server group from a centralize location without navigating from one location to another.Configuring and monitoring AR System server groups

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