This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

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20.02.01: Patch 1 for version 20.02


20.02.02: Patch 2 for version 20.02 Open link is available. You must directly upgrade from version 20.02 to Patch 2 (20.02.02) of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this patch, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch.

This release consolidates the hot fixes delivered for Remedy AR System version 20.02 and later into a single patch.


Replacing Adobe Flash with HTML 5 in Remedy ITSM Suite

Adobe has announced the end of development and distribution of Adobe Flash Player by the end of the year 2020. BMC has taken proactive steps over the recent releases to manage the deprecation of the Flash-based capabilities in the Remedy ITSM Suite.

We have implemented viable alternatives to use Remedy without Adobe Flash Player and enhanced the following product capabilities and features:

  • Ability to render sequence diagram or table by using HTML rendering. The sequence diagram is displayed when you click the Approval Details icon  on Approval Central. For more information, see Approval Central.
  • Enhanced various BMC CMDB UI capabilities such as Dynamic Service Modeling, CMDB Audit, Federated Class Management.
  • Ability to access the new CMDB Explorer through Remedy ITSM applications.
  • Enhanced visualization features such as creating and viewing processes in BMC Service Request Management.
  • The Openfire Chat plug-in is not supported with Remedy AR System. You can use Smart IT Openfire Chat for agent-to-agent communication.

For more information, see Replacement of remaining Adobe Flash capabilities in Remedy Open link in the Remedy ITSM online documentation.

Support for OAuth 2.0 authentication for EWS protocol in Email Engine

Remedy Email Engine supports modern authentication in addition to basic authentication for the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol to access Microsoft Office 365 Exchange. Modern Authentication is based on OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization.

Learn how to configure the basic outgoing mailboxes and configure the basic incoming mailbox properties.

Defect fixes

This patch includes fixes for Remedy AR System related defects. For more information about the defects fixed in this patch, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading and applying the patch for on-premises deployment

For download instructions, see Downloading the patch Open link in Remedy Deployment online documentation.

Applying the patch for BMC Helix ITSM subscribers

If you are a BMC Helix ITSM subscriber and want to apply the patch, you must request for an upgrade. For more information, see BMC Helix Upgrade policy Open link in the BMC Helix Subscriber Information documentation.

What else changed in this release

  • A new parameter is added to the Centralized Configuration to configure a watcher thread for Remedy Email Engine. A watcher thread monitors the outgoing email messages. 
    • Configure a watcher thread by using the com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.EnableWatcherThread  parameter. 
    • Configure the time interval for the watched thread by using the com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.WatcherThreadInterval parameter in Centralized Configuration. 
    For more information, see Configuration settings C-D.
    When an email message is not processed for five minutes, which is the default time interval, the watcher thread stops the Email Engine process. On Linux, the armonitor then automatically starts the Email Engine process. On Windows, Email Engine restarts the Email Engine service.
  • Manually add the arsystem.xss_render_html setting in the Centralized Configuration to select the display type for HTML elements. For more information, see arsystem.xss_render_html.
  • For a list of objects modified or added in Remedy AR System, see the List of modified objects Open link in the Remedy deployment documentation.

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  1. Axel Kluener

    How do I find the "Known and corrected issues" for 20.02.01 ? I click on "Known and corrected issues" and this takes me to "". That´s the page for the Remedy version 20.02, not for the Remedy 20.02.01. On that page I click on "20.02.01: Patch 1 for version 20.02" (on the left hand side). This take me to "". That is the page, I just add this comment to. Are you pulling my leg ? This is extremely frustrating..

    Nov 30, 2020 08:43
    1. Himanshu Raul

      Hi Axel,

      The topic Known and corrected issues contains all the defects fixed for Remedy AR System versions 20.02, 20.02.01, and 20.02.02.

      To find the list of known and corrected issues for 20.02.01, follow these steps:

      1. Go to Known and corrected issues.
      2. On top of the table, click on the Corrected In field and select 20.02.01.
        The issues fixed in version 20.02.01 are displayed.

      You can also use the Affected versions filter to filter out the issues.



      Dec 02, 2020 11:01