This documentation supports the 19.11 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).
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ARDBC plug-in C API functions

An ARDBC plug-in API enables BMC Remedy AR System to:

  • Implement calls on an external data source that are analogous to set entry, get entry, create entry, delete entry, and get list C API calls.
  • Use external data to implement Push Field and Set Field filter, escalation, and active link actions.
  • Create, modify, and search for external data through API clients.
  • Construct query-style character menus.
  • Present forms, views, and active links on external data in the same manner as internal data. The data source is transparent to the user.

When you create an ARDBC plug-in, be sure to completely document the capabilities of your plug-in. For example, you might create a read-only plug-in, which does not allow a user to create, set, or delete entries.

If the data source with which you integrate does not support a particular functionality, do not implement that function. Instead, let the default behavior occur. For example, if your data source does not support transactions, do not define ARDBCCommitTransaction and ARDBCRollbackTransaction functions.

These are the ARDBC plug-in API functions:

  • ARDBCCommitTransaction
  • ARDBCCreateEntry
  • ARDBCDeleteEntry
  • ARDBCGetEntry
  • ARDBCGetEntryStatistics
  • ARDBCGetListEntryWithFields
  • ARDBCGetListSchemas
  • ARDBCGetMultipleFields
  • ARDBCRollbackTransaction
  • ARDBCSetEntry

For more information, see ARDBC plug-in API functions.

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