This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Workflow considerations for panels

If the Tabless Borderless property of a tabbed panel holder is set to True, you must create workflow to enable users to change which panel is displayed. For information about removing borders and tabs, see To create a panel holder.

Remember these considerations when building workflow for panels:

  • When active links are executed, a specific panel gains focus when any of these conditions occur:
    • A user clicks a panel.
    • A user tabs to a panel.
    • An active link sets focus to a panel.
  • A panel in a tabbed panel holder loses focus when any user or workflow operation causes the focus to move from a tab. Panel visibility is not always dependent on field focus. You can use the following workflow actions with panel fields:
    • Set Fields — Use this action on a panel holder to bring a panel (by using its database name) to the top of the panel holder without setting focus.
    • Change Field — Use this action to change focus to a panel, to make a panel or panel holder hidden or visible, or to set the panel label color.
  • You can use a panel holder as a data source in workflow. For example, you can use a Run If qualification such as 'PageHolder' = "Page3".
  • If users have access to a table field in a panel or panel holder but they do not have access to the panel or panel holder that contains the table field, active links and active link guides cannot access that table. To work around this issue, give users permissions to the panel holder, and then hide the holder.

Using workflow to expand and collapse panels

In addition to letting users expand or collapse panels from the header, you can use Active Link Execute On conditions and Change Field options to expand and collapse panels.

You can also use the execute-on conditions On Expand and On Collapse to apply workflow actions when a panel is expanded or collapsed.

The Change Field options include an Expand/Collapse panel option, which allows you to expand or collapse a panel on a Change Field action.

For more information about these workflow actions, see Defining workflow to automate processes.

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