This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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View fields

A view field is a display-only field that displays any type of content that a typical browser can display, including the following:

  • Views of BMC Remedy AR System forms.
  • HTML templates registered in AR System Resource Definitions with parameters or embedded field references.
    These can be full HTML documents, or HTML fragments that are included in the main page.
  • Attachment field contents, such as HTML files, image files, and Microsoft Word documents.

The common use of view field is to embed multiple forms on the view fields that are present on a container form. Embedded forms can share the user interface and workflow. You can load BMC Remedy AR System forms as Inline forms. For more information, see Inline forms.

You set the initial value of a view field by setting its Text property to bind a URL or a template name. You can also set the initial value using a Set Fields active link action, optionally using the TEMPLATE() function. For more information, see Creating view fields.

You can add multiple view fields to a form to display various pieces of data from different sources. You can also use different initial values for every view of a form, in order to customize the presentation for any language, platform, or user role. You can also create workflow that communicates between the view fields by sending events.


For mid tier users, if you have custom content to display on the view fields, verify that the content is displayed correctly on the web browsers.

For more information, see Creating view fields and the following sections:

Users print a document in a view field by performing right-click on the field and choosing Print.

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