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Using dynamic qualifications to modify flashboard at runtime

You can use the customqual parameter to enable dynamic qualifications in a form. This helps to dynamically modify the flashboard at runtime.

For example, suppose you create an AllDefects variable that tracks all bugs. You then associate the variable with the Defect Tracking form, where defect information is collected. The Defect Tracking form has a field named Assigned To.

You also create a flashboard that appears on a second form (Defect Console) to display the defect information. The Defect Console form has a field called Submitter. The Submitter field is a dynamic field whose value changes depending on who accesses the Defect Console form. In this case, the field is populated with the name of the person who is viewing the defect assigned to him or her. You must create a workflow to populate the Submitter field with the $USER$ value.

For example, Chris, a coworker, wants to know how many defects are assigned to him. To enable him to view the tickets assigned to him, you can use the customqual parameter for the flashboard URL qualification in an active link. The customqual parameter enables dynamic qualification on the Submitter field, so all submitters can view tickets assigned to them.

To enable dynamic qualifications

  1. Open the active link that contains the Set Fields action you want to modify.
  2. Open the Set Fields panel.
  3. From the Data Source list, select the location of the Data Visualization field that references the flashboard.
    If you enter an option other than Current Screen, complete the other fields above the Field/Value table as needed.
  4. In the Field column, enter the name of the Data Visualization field that references the flashboard.
    Hint: Click the ellipsis (...) button to select from the available fields.
  5. In the Fields section, type the customqual parameter expression in the Value field.
    Generic syntax:

    "customqual='FieldName'=" +""""+ $Field$+""""

    Syntax for this example:

    "customqual='Assigned To'=" + """" + $Submitter$ + """"

    After saving the active link changes, Chris opens the Bugs Console. He sees the bugs assigned only to him.
    In the generic syntax example, FieldName corresponds to the Assigned To field (on the Defect Tracking form), and $Field$ corresponds to the value of the Submitter field (on the Defect Console form).
    When you use the customqual parameter to enable a dynamic qualification on the value of a selection field, set the qualification equal to the label value, not the alias value. (Using the alias value generates an error while parsing the qualifier.)


    If you enter a qualification in the flashboard variable and use this procedure, the qualification is overridden.

    The changes you make affect only the current session. The original variable syntax remains intact in the flashboard variable definition.

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