This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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URL encoding

If a URL includes characters that cannot be printed or transmitted safely, the URL must be encoded. Any unsafe or unprintable characters (such as single or double quotation marks, equal signs, or ampersands) are replaced with a percent sign (%), followed by the hexidecimal digits that correspond to the character's value. For example, the string "Assigned To" would be encoded as*%22Assigned+To%22*.


Some encoding values, such as %0A, are not supported due to security issues.

The following table lists commonly encoded characters.

Encoded characters


Encoding value


+ (plus sign) or %20

" (double quotation mark)


# (hash mark)


$ (dollar sign)


% (percent)


& (ampersand)


+ (plus sign)


, (comma)


< (less than sign)


= (equal sign)


> (greater-than sign)


/ (forward slash)


: (colon)


? (question mark)


The BMC Remedy Mid Tier provides a URL encoder utility that enables you to convert nonalphanumeric characters to UTF-8 encoded values.

The URL Encoding utility is bundled with Mid Tier. You can access it through:


where arsys is the default context path.

URL encoder utility
(Click the image to expand it.)

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