This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Updating a query or qualification at runtime

When you open the Report Console to run a report, BMC Remedy AR System uses the report's built-in query to select the records included in the report. Two additional options allow you to add a qualification:

  •  Show Additional Filter to narrow the report results
  •  Override to override the built-in query to widen or change the report results.

If the edit icon () appears next to a report entry in the Report Console, you can open the report definition to examine the built-in query. 

Adding or modifying a qualification at runtime 

 A qualification is any query statement, such as "Number enrolled is greater than 0". When you enter an additional qualification using Show Additional Filter, and do not select Override, your qualification is added to the report's built-in query (using the AND operator). If you add a qualification and select Override, then your qualification replaces the report's built-in query. If you select Override but do not add a qualification, then the report's built-in query is ignored.

To add or modify a qualification at runtime using Show Additional Filter and Override

  1. Open the Report Console and select the report to run from the list of reports.
  2. Click Show Additional Filter.

  3. Build the additional qualification, using either the Simple Query Builder or the Advanced Query Builder, as described in Restricting access to web report records by using a query builder.
  4. (Optional) Select Override to replace the report's built-in query with the added qualification.
    If the Override check box is not available, overrides are disabled for this report. In that case you can only add your qualification to the report and cannot override the built-in query.
  5. Click Run to run the report with the added qualification.

Restrictions on modifying qualifications at runtime

Some reports do not allow modification at runtime. These options are unavailable in the following cases:

  • If you search a form and then use the Report button in the search results list to create a report, the records that you selected in the search results are passed to the Report Console as a predefined query. In this case, the Show Additional Filter and Override options are not available.
  • Override does not override the "base qualification" used in BMC Remedy AR System reports. A base qualification is defined by the administrator and is outside of the report definition. If the report contains a base qualification, your qualification is added to the base qualification. Base qualifications are not visible in the report designer screen.


    Out-of- the-box Web reports provided with BMC Remedy IT Service Management cannot be modified, even if the user is an application administrator, because the reports are not created using the BMC Remedy Action Request System Report Console. However, an application administrator can delete these reports.

  • The administrator can disable unqualified searches for reports. In other words, "1=1" qualifications are not allowed for reports. In this case, attempts to run a report for an unqualified search result in an error.

Example: Overriding a report query

A manager for the training program, on the other hand, needs to see a list of all classes, including those where the enrollment is zero. Instead of writing a new report, she could use the Class Registration report, but override the built-in query. By overriding the built-in query and adding no additional conditions, she eliminates the built-in query. Thus she widens the report results to include those classes that have no enrollees. 

You can also use the Override and Show Additional Filter options together to replace any built-in query in the report. For example, to see a list of all classes in Madrid with or without students enrolled, the training program manager could use the Class Registration report, add the query "Location is LIKE Madrid%", and click Override. The additional query narrows the report to include only classes in Madrid, and the override causes the report to include classes with no enrollees as well as those with students enrolled.

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