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Troubleshooting for Binary payload deployment

You can create a custom binary payload, which reduces the time it takes to apply customization changes. This topic describes the issues that might occur while creating and deploying a binary payload. For more information about creating and deploying a binary payload, see Creating and deploying a binary payload

Check for following possibilities if you detect issues while creating and deploying a custom binary payload:

The AR System Server has multiple entries with different ranks
  1. Open the file from the /bmc software/AR System/bin directory.
  2. Check the following monitor entry monitor.guid=AGGAA5V0HG8ZZAP0HGJCPJ04MTEXEI
  3. Copy the GUID.
  4. Open the AR System Monitor form
  5. In the Monitor ID field, enter the Monitor ID
  6. Click Search
  7. An entry is displayed. 
    Retain that entry and delete the other entries
  • A server is deprecated from the server group.
  • The server name has changed.
  1. Open the AR System Monitor form.
  2. Enter the deprecated server name in the Host Name field and click Search.
  3. Delete the deprecated server name entry from the AR System Monitor form.

The AR System Monitor form does not show an entry for the war file that is deployed on the mid tier.

  1. Open the armonitor.log file to check the errors.
  2. Correct the armonitor.conf (armonitor.cfg) file to address the errors that are shown in the armonitor.log file.
  3. Restart the File Deployer process.

Any specific process specified in the AR System Single Point Deployment Payload form is not responding.

The processes defined on the AR System Single Point Deployment Payload form are operated by the File Deployer process.

  1. Check logs from the armonitor.log file and from the filedeployer.log file.
  2. Take corrective actions depending on the error.
  3. Manually restart the process.
The binary payload is not deployed on the admin server.

The binary payload is not deployed because the admin server is down and the filedeployer.localDeploymentRequired parameter is true. In this case, the server next to the rank is the admin server. Perform the following steps:

See to it that the admin server is up and run the arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat (Microsoft Windows) or (UNIX) file.


Create and deploy a new binary payload for the new admin server.

You run the  arpayloaddeploymentutil.bat (Microsoft Windows) or (UNIX) file when File Deployer for the specific component is down.
  1. Check and confirm that the File Deployer service is up and running.
  2. Check the armonitor log file.

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