This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Tree view tables

Use a tree view table field to display data from forms in a hierarchical manner.

In tree view tables, users open and close nodes by double-clicking them or by selecting the twisty-right () or twisty-down () sign next to them. Workflow that you create determines what happens when users select a node.

For example, a large organization might use a tree view table that lists IT requests by region, as shown in the above figure, to find requests associated with a particular part of the country (Eastern, Central, and Western). The list of requests could be dynamically pulled from the IT database. Users would open the appropriate nodes in the table to find requests for their region. Under each regional node, requests could be grouped by severity (Low, Medium, High, and Urgent). When users click a request leaf node, information about the request could be displayed in fields next to the table, which could be populated through workflow that is triggered by actions associated with the table (see the Workflow considerations for table fields).

For more information about tree view tables, see:

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