This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Supported parameters in BMC Remedy AR System

A list of available views for the user is generated based on parameters specified in the URL. At a minimum, you must specify values for form and server. Include additional parameters as necessary, depending on the number of views available for the form and the requirements of the user.

The following table lists supported parameters, their descriptions, and possible values. All parameters and values are case sensitive.

Supported parameters



Possible Values

form (required)

Name of the BMC Remedy AR System form to be accessed.

URL-encoded string


View label for the preferred view. See How a view is selected for information about how a list of possible views is generated for the user.

URL-encoded string


Application (container) name. If specified and valid, the file for the view is called from the application-specific directory.

URL-encoded string

server (required)

Name of the BMC Remedy AR System server to be accessed. The server used must be an available server listed in the Mid Tier Configuration Tool.

URL-encoded string


Mode in which the form will be opened. If not specified, Search will be used.

Search, Submit


Request ID of a form entry. Provides direct access to a specific request on the form. If specified, the qual value is ignored.

URL-encoded string representing
the request ID number


Qualification criteria for a search operation. If specified, the mode value is ignored.

URL-encoded search string
(size restricted by URL length)


User name used to log on to BMC Remedy AR System.

URL-encoded string


Password used to log on to BMC Remedy AR System.

URL-encoded string


Authentication string for the user. See Setting up an authentication alias.

URL-encoded string

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