This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Setting up the query builder widget for end users

The query builder widget provides a user-friendly interface which enables end users to build simple queries naturally and intuitively. These simple queries are dynamically translated to AR System encoded query format which can have multiple uses, such as external qualifications as input to a table. The query builder widget can be loaded into any view field through a run process action.

The query builder widget does the following:

  • Allows input and provides output in user readable syntax. Formatting conventions typically used for building expressions are not required.
    For example, a user can enter character field contains value instead 'Character field' LIKE "%value%".
  • Presents one or more fields for a query from any form. The query builder widget is not limited to presenting only BMC Remedy AR System fields and workflow. A query field does not have to be tied to the form on which it is presented.
  • Supports the AND or OR operators, although not both within a single query.
    The AND operator means applying all queries added with the query builder widget. The OR operator means applying just one added query.
  • Supports all field types except currency and status history.
  • Supports the capability for the query builder widget to resize both vertically and horizontally if it is placed within a panel with fill layout.

Queries constructed in the query builder widget cannot be saved as part of recent searches. However, you can construct a workflow to save a qualification.

For more information, see the following topics:

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