This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Setting the Row-level Security fields for fetching data

By default, Row-level security (RLS) is enabled for every form.  RLS enables an administrator to secure the database access for specific groups. For example, an accounts manager can restrict salary data from other employees, or an administrator can restrict a customer's access to only the data relevant to their company. 

When you have more than one dynamic field ID (field Id 112 and field Ids 60000 to 60999) on a form, the fields in the SQL query are sorted by the Field IDs. You can also set the sequence of dynamic fields for RLS in an SQL query. 

The following image shows the Field Id Order for Qualification view on the Row Level Security Fields panel: 

To set the sequence of dynamic fields for fetching data

  1. Open a form in BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. Click the Definitions tab.
  3. Expand the Row Level Security tab.
    The Field Id Order for Qualification view appears.
    By default, the Field Id Order for Qualification view does not contain any fields. The dynamic group fields are sorted according to their field IDs. 
  4. (OptionalTo use the Subquery algorithm, select the Enable Security Table check box.
    If you enable this check box for the base form, you cannot change it on the overlay form. 
    For more information about the Subquery algorithm, see Subquery algorithm.

  5. (Optional) To Add or Remove fields, click the Add or Remove buttons to add or remove fields.

  6. (Optional) To specify the sequence of the fields, click the Up or Down buttons.  
    When you specify the sequence by using Up or Down buttons, the AR System Server ignores the dynamic field IDs and uses the same order of fields that you have specified. 
  7. From the Algorithm list, select an option from the following options: 

    • Default

    • RLS Split

    • Combined likes

    • Subquery

    For more information about algorithms, see Improve performance by using RLS algorithms.

  8. Save the form.

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