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Setting navigation field color options

When using panels along with navigation fields in a console (for example, if you embed a navigation field in a collapsible panel), you might find that the panels and navigation fields differ in background colors, height of header text, and appearance of the icons used to expand and collapse items. The following figure shows the difference in colors between panel headers and navigation field items.

Navigation field and panel colors
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Previously, text and background colors were not customizable for navigation fields, but were for panels. You can now customize navigation field text and colors (including gradients) so that their appearance matches that of panels used in conjunction with them in a form.
You can customize navigation field elements using these properties:

  • Top level background color for menu (including gradient colors)
  • Sub level background color (where subordinate menus and menu items are listed)
  • Top level text color
  • Sub level text color
  • Item height
  • Font of menu label and text

The following figure shows a navigation field and a panel with the same color and text display attributes.

Navigation field and panel with same color and display attributes
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Each object has these properties:

Navigation field


Top level background color: Maroon

Header background: Maroon

Sub level background color: Gray

Background color: Gray

Label font: Header Text (III)

Label font: Header Text (III)

Navigation item height: 20

You cannot change the height of the panel header. To make the height of the navigation bar header match that of the panel, set the navigation item height to 20.

To customize a navigation field's display properties

  1. Select the navigation field to customize.
  2. If the navigation field will be displayed in conjunction with a panel (for example, embedded in a collapsible panel or as part of a series of navigation items in a console), determine the display properties that you need for the appearance of the items to match.
  3. Select the display properties for the navigation field:
    • Color — Top level text color, sub level text color
    • Display — Top level background color, sub level background color, item height.
      For more information about display properties, see Field Properties.
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