This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Setting active link guide or filter guide properties

This section describes how to set properties for an active link guide or filter guide, including assigning permissions (active link guides), creating help text, and editing change history.

For active link guides, you must assign Visible permission to the access control groups, roles, or users that are allowed to view and execute the active link guide. The same groups, roles, or users must also have permission to execute the active links contained in the active link guide. (Filter guides run filters, which execute on the server with administrator-level permissions, so you do not assign permissions to filter guides.)

As with other object types, use the Help Text property to provide information about the guide to users, application developers, and administrators.

BMC Remedy AR System server automatically tracks the change history of all objects in the Change History property. However, while you are developing guides or making changes to them, you can supply additional change history information.
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To set permissions for an active link guide

  1. In the Properties tab, expand Permissions, and then click in the Value column.
  2. Click the ellipsis button.
  3. In the Permissions dialog box, move groups with permission to use the guide to the Permissions list. Move groups without permission to the guide to the No Permissions list.


    Make sure the same groups or users have permissions to the active links in the guide. If a user is running the guide but does not have permission to an included active link, the guide skips that active link.

To add help text to a guide

  1. In the Properties tab, expand Help Text, and then click in the Value column.
  2. Click the ellipsis button, and then type the help text in the Help Text dialog box.

To add information to the Change History property

  1. In the Properties tab, expand Change History if necessary.
  2. Click in the Value column for the New Description property, and then click the ellipsis.
  3. Type the change description in the New Description dialog box.
    BMC Remedy AR System automatically records the owner of a guide, the administrator who last modified the guide, and the date of the modification.
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