This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Panel holders

A panel holder can contain one or more panels. You can add panels and arrange the panel order and field layout. You can hide a panel holder border and tabbed panels in tabbed panel holders, and use workflow to display individual panels.

When creating panels, you can set properties (including field ID) for the panel holder and for each of the panels in it. In addition, you must provide permissions for each of the following levels:

  • Panel holder
  • Each panel in the holder
  • Each field on each panel

Users without permission to the panel holder cannot see the panels or the fields in them. Users with permission to the panel holder but not to a panel cannot see any fields in the panel for which they lack permission. See Panel field permissions properties.

BMC Remedy AR System server provides several options for configuring the layout and behavior of panel holders and the panels in them:

  • You can configure panel holders so that multiple panels are tabbed, stacked to be visible at the same time (and can be collapsed or expanded), or in an accordion display that shows only one panel at a time.
  • You can create panels with a splitter that can be dragged to control the relative sizes of adjacent panels. The splitter can be configured to be visible, invisible (not visible but can be dragged to resize the panels), or disabled (not visible and cannot be dragged).
  • Panels can have a header area, in which you can specify a header color and add header text in a specified font. (On some browsers, using a large font for header text will cause the header label to wrap.)
  • A panel's contents can be configured to enable its size to be changed dynamically.

These display options enable you to make better use of screen space and remove clutter on the screen.

By default for supported browsers, system popups and floating panels and panel holders have a drop shadow, whether the panel has rounded corners or not. A popup window opened by using an active link Open Window will have a drop shadow. For more information, see Drop shadows in panels and panel holders.

For additional information about panel holders, see the following sections:

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